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 Hey, everyone. :) I want to thank you all again for your enthusiasm for Origfic_Bingo. It was great to send out so many cards.

This is my first ever chatter post, so I'm going to keep it simple. I'm pretty sure you would have talked about this before, but it's been a while, and, of course, there's the chance your interests have changed since the last time. So, what do you write, and why do you write it?

I write speculative fiction. Most of the worlds I work in are fantastical, because I love to world build. World building is easily my favourite part when it comes to starting off with a new world, and I like to always try to do something, so the one thing you aren't going to find are your traditions elves, dwarves, or halflings. I do have some fae, but they're... well, they're my fae. I have some soft sci-fi worlds I'm beginning to play in too, which is fun, but I don't think I'm ever going to write hard sci-fi. I just don't have the brain for the science. Then I also like to dabble in ending the world, and with dystopias. With these I also like to do something different, because, well, it's fun. When I'm writing I am writing for fun, at least when it comes to my website, so I try my best to enjoy everything I do as much as I can.

How about you?
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First off, a few modly things!

  • Reminder: You can work on your card as long as you want! - Although we offer everyone the opportunity to refresh their card at the beginning of every month, this is NOT required! Origfic Bingo is NOT a monthly challenge (unless you choose to make it one, I suppose!) You can work on your card all year if you'd like! Whatever works for you!

  • Policy note: Monthly card request posts - We've found that it is lots easier for us to get cards out in a timely manner if the card requests are funneled through a request post: we get comments emailed to us, so it pings us right away. We try to go through all the posts to the comm, but sometimes if things pop up when we're busy or out of town or such, some slip through the cracks. So, we will from now on definitely have a monthly card request post (check out the Card Request link on the comm's sidebar, which we'll keep updated), and we really suggest that you use it to request new cards after you get your bingo. Faster card-getting all around! \o/


    What's this time of year about? Nanoing and holidays! So, if you were Nanowrimoing, how did it go? I totally failed to make wordcount with the fanfic I was working on, due to rl just being TOO DARNED BUSY. \o/

    For those sick to death of talking/hearing about Nanowrimo, let's talk about holidays! What's your favorite? What's your characters' favorite? What holidays does your original world celebrate? :D

    (I've got spacecats in my head who are looking at me funny and say that any day someone doesn't expect them to DO something is a day for laying around and having fun, so does that count?)
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Hello all! We hope that your first month of Origfic Bingo (or your first few days of Origfic Bingo, for the new folks in the room--Hello, new folks!) has been fun and exciting and full of awesome!

One quick reminder: Amnesty Week (which runs until the end of the day tomorrow) is the only time that you will be able to request a new card this month without making a bingo. (You can, of course, ask for a new card after making a bingo at any time!) So, if you're looking to sign up, or to ditch your old card, or to post some things for Amnesty, please to do it soon!

That aside! It is November! Meaning that it is, of course, National Novel Writing Month! (I'd link to the site, nanowrimo.org, but they are apparently so overwhelmed they are loading an image of a cup of hot cocoa instead of the main page....) For those of you not in the know, NaNoWriMo is a yearly challenge where folks attempt to write a novel (50000 words) in one month. NaNoWriMo is an awesome way to push yourself as a writer, to see what and how much you can produce on a compressed time frame.

Good luck to all our 'wrimo-ers!

Related to 'wrimo, anyone in the market for some shiny writing software might want to check out the offer that Scrivener has going. Freeware and not writing program blather here! )

Anyway, ON TO THE CHATTERING. Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How's it going? Any software you love for writing and want to recommend? Mac or PC? Coffee or tea? Vanilla or chocolate?
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Hiya all! As the first month of Origfic Bingo winds down and we get ready to head into our first Amnesty period, I wanted to first say congrats again to ALL of our bingoers! We have had 26 bingos, meaning that we have inspired over a HUNDRED pieces of original work in under a month!

Might I just say, "OMGYAY!"? \o/

Really, this is awesome, guys. Keep up the good work!

Some reminders as we head into November:

    First Amnesty Week is Nov 1-7 - Remember, during Amnesty ANYONE can ask for a new card, whether you've created a five-piece bingo or not! There will be a specific post put up on Nov 1 for requesting new cards. If you'd like to ask for a new card, simply post any works you've completed on your old card to the comm with the *amnesty tag (and other appropriate tags), and then comment on the November card request. Simple!

      Rule Change: New sign-ups will be taken only during Amnesty Weeks - Goes into effect starting Nov. 1. Up until now we've been giving cards to whoever wants them whenever, but starting Nov. 1 we'd like to confine new sign-ups to Amnesty Week, to try to contain the card-giving to a smaller timeframe. New sign-ups should be done on the latest Amnesty Week/Sign-Up post available (mods will be switching off on who gets the comments for each card-request post, so containing the requests to one post makes it easier not to get confused and give out a card twice.)

        New cards/prompts: Your cards will look a bit different next month. We will be using a new html-based card-generating script generously coded by [personal profile] staranise. This is much easier than our old method, and also is friendlier for those with screenreaders or who otherwise have problems with images. We also will be adding some new prompts into the mix for subsequent rounds. Nothing too scandalous, just things that we realized got left off the lists (yes, "xenokink" and "aliens", we are looking at you) as well as some new prompts that we think might be fun.

        Ok, enough rule stuff. On to the chatter! How has your bingo experience been so far? Are you looking forward to ditching your old card for a new one? Making slow but steady progress? Still wrestling the muses into submission?

        Also, to facilitate the new-prompt-adding, what would be the one prompt you'd like added to the prompt lists? We will entertain any and all prompt suggestions, one per person, for inclusion on the new cards next month! We just ask that you make sure that your prompt (or one very much like it) is not already on the prompt lists. We reserve the right to not add on prompts that duplicate others or are more specific versions of blanket/umbrella prompts (ie, no need for "tango" when there's already "dancing"). Other than that, go crazy!
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Yay and welcome! First of all, thank EVERYONE for joining the comm! We've been tickled pink by the turnout, and we hope that everyone will have an awesome time writing and reading!

In the interest of tiding us over until the bingo cards are given out on the 1st, why don't we have a good, old-fashioned introduction post! Feel free to mix and mingle, introduce yourself and your writing, talk about the weather, ask questions, or anything else that comes to mind! :D


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