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You can probably guess by the speed of this fill that I have nothing to do. Also, I have continued my tradition of writing extremely stupid things for this community. I apologize. Once again, no warnings, cotton candy. Also, I'd be interested in knowing if anyone catches all the references in the Cupid stories.

title: my boy builds coffins
prompt: ghosts/haunting/afterlife
rating: pg-13
universe: space dragon au 'verse
word count: 656

Nicholas certainly had not meant to haunt Peter - in point of fact, he meant to haunt no one, at all. )

title: cupid and aphrodite walk into a bar - stop me if you've heard this one, before
prompt: date (first).
rating: pg
universe: cupid's chokehold
word count: 751

'Fuck,' Cupid said, looking down into his mug - this was fucking disgusting beer and - 'Fuck, I hate first dates.' )

title: no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity
prompt: crackfic. which applies to basically all of these but whatever.
rating: pg
universe: cupid's chokehold
word count: 560

Cupid found Aphrodite in one of the dressing stalls at Rue 21. If he wasn’t so desperate for her help, he would have given her so much shit about her taste in clothing. )

title: bend sinister
prompt: au: affiliation switch
rating: pg
universe: eGad
word count: 130

'I’m thinking about growing a mustache,' Gad said, from where his chin was resting on Reagan’s chest. )

title: courting ms. pippi
prompt: flowers
rating: pg
universe: space dragon au 'verse
word count: 2,085

I will admit that I found myself in something of a quandary on the day that Peter sat down at our usual table in the Trembling Cup - although really, he seemed more to pour himself into the seat than anything else, so languid he was practically limp - and said, 'Oh my gosh, that was completely awesome,' while Claudia gave him a bafflingly wide-eyed look and Tess glared at him with more than just her usually pre-coffee bad temper behind it. )
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I'm doing an alphabet bingo. Here is "A". Because there are twelve prompts, all but the first header are under the cut.

Prompt: AU Affiliation Switch
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 425
Character/Story: Aodh/The Eighth Saimar
Note: A half-hearted attempt, sadly. I'm still not sure what to do with Aodh in the actual novel and it shows. But I went in with the assumption that he wouldn't fight against his friends and the only family he's ever known, so the AU part is that he does.

When they came for him, Aodh refused to go

Rest of the headers under here )


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