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Jan. 18th, 2014 12:22 pm
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Aaaaaand blackout! I've filled the third row of my 8-13-13 card; you can find the other four bingo rows for that card by clicking its link.

Row 3 prompts (five poems): perfect day, beauty, FREE SPACE (mirrors), forgetting, last words
Fandoms: Torn World, One God's Story of Mid-Life Crisis, Polychrome Heroics

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Title: Truths Unwanted
Prompt: Animals
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Warnings: Racism. Classism. A lot of other –isms. Kenny/Max universe

Title: Wedding Jitters
Prompt: Marriage/Pairing/soulbonding (arranged or otherwise)
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: None.

Title: The Ball
Prompt: Unacknowledged Love
Rating: PG
Summary/Warnings: None. Same world as Wedding Jitters

Title: Muscle Control
Prompt: Beauty
Rating: PG
Summary/Warnings: Backstory! Also, pervy thoughts. Same universe as this

Title: Hunger is the best motivator
Prompt: First time
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: Backstory! Jenny/Inugo
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2 fics off my September card that never got a full bingo or posted:

Title: The Dying of the Light
Prompt: Grief
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Deathfic (Sumer)

Ficlet is here

Title: At First Sight
Prompt: Beauty
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: None (Gothic Verse)

Ficlet is here

And one from my December card, which I will keep for January, but this fic is standing alone so far:

Title: Decrescendo of Madness
Prompt: Beauty
Rating: R
Content Notes/Warnings: Violence (Gothic Verse)

Fic is here
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Just building a setting and characters here, not quite sure yet where they will get taken.

Title & Prompt: Friend in Need
Rating: PG (language)
Summary: Alex gets a lift from Harry under the pretext of seeing her home safe.
Friend in Need

Title & Prompt: Beauty
Rating: U
Summary: Harry contemplates her city.

Title & Prompt: Dancing
Rating: U
Summary: Harry needs Alex to take her to a dance.

Title & Prompt: Criminal Intent
Rating: U
Summary: Alex has upset someone.
Criminal Intent

Title & Prompt: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Rating: PG (language)
Summary: Alex has got himself beaten up
Warnings: This isn't really about PTSD although it was inspired by the prompt. However there is mention of anxiety brought on by violent attack.


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