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Title: Shangri-la
Prompt: touching/cuddling
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes: implied past abuse
Summary: Mei struggles with letting Juusuke close.

Title: Sea of Spring
Prompt: body part fetish
Rating: R
Content Notes: gore, necro-ish
Summary: [one-shot] Long ago, in the time of two great clans, their opposing armies battled on the western sea coast, and a young warrior lost his head. What remains in the solitude of the sand-dunes.
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Bingo done in a straight line. Eh, please tell me if I'm off on my rating or warnings, I'm a little new to them :)

Prompt: journal/diary (B2)
Rating: G
Content Notes: Set in the Hamsterverse. No warnings needed, just a disclaimer: the hamsters are the brainchildren of LRH, though Caine and the Fashion Crusade are mine.

Caine's Diary - 589 words

Prompt: sleepy times (I2)
Rating: G
Content Notes: A harmless bit of fluff.

Sleepy Times - 312 words

Prompt: truth (N2)
Rating: R (I’m guessing here)
Content Notes: Set in Perpetuality. Warnings for character mind-breakiness and first-person creepiness.

In Mind - 3385 words

Prompt: phobias (G2)
Rating: R
Content Notes: Phobia-provocation and kinkiness.

Arachnophobia - 750 words

Prompt: body part fetishes (O2)
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Set in Perpetuality. Also note that this Mach is a different one than in Sleepy Times.

On Return - 1286 words


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