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 So I succeeded in getting a bingo!  Here's the set:

[Fic]Title:Grandmother's Trunk

Prompt: Kids/Kidfic

Rating: G

Content Notes/Warnings: Mention of problematic family member, not much else.

Summary: Selby likes working at a local consignment shop.  When she finds a locked trunk, a surprise ensues.

[Fic]Title: Under Cover Fashion

Prompt: Costumes

Rating: PG-13

Content Notes/Warnings: Mention of off-screen comic book violence, discussion of breasts in a non-sexual setting.

Summary: Nzinga Merton runs Under Cover Fashions, home of the best superhero/villain clothing in Boston.

[Poem]Title: On the Path of Totality

Prompt: Wildcard

Rating: PG

Content Notes/Warnings: Covers the myth of solar eclipses as the end of the world/Apophis eating the sun.  May be scary to younger readers.

Summary:  The warrior of legend that saves the sun tells their tale.

[Fic]Title: Ears to Hear

Prompt: Physical Imperfections

Rating: PG-13

Content Notes/Warnings: Mild swearing.

Summary: After her hearing aids catch public attention, Zoe realizes that a community of people with adaptive equipment is important.

[Fic]Title: Trick or Treat

Prompt: Doppelgangers/Clones/Impersonators/Evil Doubles

Rating: G

Content Notes/Warnings: Halloween spookiness, kisses (non graphic)

Summary: Dacia and Zita take spooking trick-or-treaters to  a new level, and someone dresses as Dacia’s alter ego Darkmatter.

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I'm doing an alphabet bingo. Here is "A". Because there are twelve prompts, all but the first header are under the cut.

Prompt: AU Affiliation Switch
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 425
Character/Story: Aodh/The Eighth Saimar
Note: A half-hearted attempt, sadly. I'm still not sure what to do with Aodh in the actual novel and it shows. But I went in with the assumption that he wouldn't fight against his friends and the only family he's ever known, so the AU part is that he does.

When they came for him, Aodh refused to go

Rest of the headers under here )
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The writing may not be good, but it exists, and I can clean it up later (after comments from friends and strangers, yes? *hopeful eyes*). It's a straight line through the middle - I used the "mirrors" prompt for the wild card space in the center.

All of these stories are ficlets from the Monster Manor universe, in which a guy named Kori is the Director of Monster Manor, which is essentially a zoo for things that go bump in the night. He is assisted by Unca and Aura; the three of them form the Labyrinth, or the highest boss-folk available. It's kinda an underdeveloped verse but I was writing with an eye to the fact that my friend's birthday is coming up and, in lieu of giving him something he might actually like (we're tight like that), I wrote him into a fic-verse.

Anyway. Fic links with descriptions to follow:

Title: Drama Queen
Prompt: physical imperfections
Rating: PG/13
Content Notes/Warnings: Contains male vanity, melodrama, some swearing, and a wendigo. Also, theory on vampiric butterflies courtesy of I Know Why The Vampire Sparkles, which is totes hilarity.

Title: Spiders. It Had to be Spiders.
Prompt: phobias
Rating: PG/13
Content Notes/Warnings: Um. Contains spiders.

Title: Hall of Mirrors
Prompt: mirrors
Rating: PG/13
Content Notes/Warnings: Brief misogyny. Demons. Not in that order.

Title: Must Be Something In the Water
Prompt: love spell/potion/pollen
Rating: PG/13
Content Notes/Warnings: Contains swearing, groping, brief mention of yeti sex.

Title: Morning After
Prompt: waking in bed together
Rating: PG/13
Content Notes/Warnings: Implied sex with a catgirlwerejaguar, some male nudity.


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