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3 amnesty fics because I am never going to finish this bingo...

Title: Origin Story
Prompt: apocalypse
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes: implied death of millions (hey, it's the apocalypse)
Summary: By the time they realized it hadn’t been China that had sent the first bombs, it was too late.

Title: Metamorphosis
Prompt: wings
Rating: G
Content Notes: none
Summary: Adora grows wings and sees the world outside the cave.

Title: Sabotage
Prompt: bad day
Rating: PG
Content Notes: two people who love each other arguing, good people doing bad things
Summary: Sagin has been sabotaging the virus, but Ima catches him.
Link: [locked]

Note: the tag "prompt: wing" seems to exist already, but my prompt was "wings," so I went ahead and added that tag. I will not be offended if the tag is changed.


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