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It wasn't the original plan but since the bingo row we picked had "First Time" in it, naturally we wrote a fluffy romance!

Title/Prompt: Fairy Tales/Folklore/Mythology
Rating: U
Notes: A old curiosity shop and a living legend.
Fairy Tales/Folklore/Mythlogy

Title/Prompt: Enclosed Spaces
Rating: U
Notes: Alex and Harry seem to have annoyed the wrong people.
Enclosed Spaces

Title/Prompt: Artificial Beings
Rating: U
Notes: We go a bit steampunk in order to meet the prompt and effect their escape.
Artificial Beings

Title/Prompt: First Time
Rating: PG
Notes: And then, obviously, they have sex complete with tasteful fade to black.
First Time

Title/Prompt: Singing
Rating: U
Notes: The morning after had to be good too, with that prompt.
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This one seemed to take forever, lots of ideas that didn't want to take shape on the page.

Another mix of 'verses

Prompt: Emotion Manipulation
Rating: G
Fic: Corvus Chronicles (medieval fantasy, circa 1310)


Prompt: Worst Case Scenario
Rating: PG
Fic: The Leaving Season
More werewolf lojinks )

Prompt: History
Rating: G
Fic: Corvus Chronicles

Prompt: Traditions
Rating: G
Fic: Fearful Monsters
The longest night )

Prompt: Artificial Beings
Rating: G
Fic: Tritan City-verse
Arguably, they're all artificial beings )


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