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I'm actually quite surprised that there isn't more sinister things in the warnings. Everything seems hinted at, which, I'll take for now.

I tried to write them all as stand alone writings that have ties to the larger fic at hand but the bingo card sort of threw things into a chronological twist. If you would like to keep it all chronological - or best as possible, please read "Something Lost, Something Gained" before "Wrinkle Along the Way". I hope you enjoy!

Under the "O"s we have:

Title: Once More
Prompt: O-1, Crying
Rating: PG-13
Contains: kidnapping
Summary: Josefana finds that her child is missing.
Words: 611
Once More )

Title: Imprisoned
Prompt: O-2 - Imprisonment
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: Flashback of a kidnapping while imprisoned.
Words: 840
Imprisoned )

Title: Letters Sent
Prompt: O-4 - epistolary fic (emails, letters, etc)
Rating: G - they're civil
contains: letters between the pirates and M├ędard family
summary: Thierry's mother responds to ransom notes
Words: 698
Letters Sent )

Title: Wrinkle Along the Way
Prompt: O-4, family (learning of an unexpected relative)
Rating: R
Contains: reference of incest of the m/m pairing
Summary: Dominic and Irry find out some interesting information
Words: 1028
Wrinkle Along the Way )

Title: Something Lost, Something Gained
Prompt: o-5, character death
Rating: PG for death
Contains: character death
Summary: Dominic is summoned to his father's death bed.
Words: 792
Something Lost, Something Gained )


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