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 So I succeeded in getting a bingo!  Here's the set:

[Fic]Title:Grandmother's Trunk

Prompt: Kids/Kidfic

Rating: G

Content Notes/Warnings: Mention of problematic family member, not much else.

Summary: Selby likes working at a local consignment shop.  When she finds a locked trunk, a surprise ensues.

[Fic]Title: Under Cover Fashion

Prompt: Costumes

Rating: PG-13

Content Notes/Warnings: Mention of off-screen comic book violence, discussion of breasts in a non-sexual setting.

Summary: Nzinga Merton runs Under Cover Fashions, home of the best superhero/villain clothing in Boston.

[Poem]Title: On the Path of Totality

Prompt: Wildcard

Rating: PG

Content Notes/Warnings: Covers the myth of solar eclipses as the end of the world/Apophis eating the sun.  May be scary to younger readers.

Summary:  The warrior of legend that saves the sun tells their tale.

[Fic]Title: Ears to Hear

Prompt: Physical Imperfections

Rating: PG-13

Content Notes/Warnings: Mild swearing.

Summary: After her hearing aids catch public attention, Zoe realizes that a community of people with adaptive equipment is important.

[Fic]Title: Trick or Treat

Prompt: Doppelgangers/Clones/Impersonators/Evil Doubles

Rating: G

Content Notes/Warnings: Halloween spookiness, kisses (non graphic)

Summary: Dacia and Zita take spooking trick-or-treaters to  a new level, and someone dresses as Dacia’s alter ego Darkmatter.


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