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This is for my 3-6-14 card.

B column: (five poems): keeping warm, fury, peace offering, taking a chance, party / festival
Fandoms: Polychrome Heroics

This is a superhero setting with a variety of focal characters. The primary one is a plural person collectively called Damask, with different powers depending on who's in control at the time. Themes include diversity of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and ableness; intrapersonal, interpersonal, and social dynamics; and different types of heroism. Some of these poems stand alone quite well, while others will make more sense if you read them in order; all the published poems are linked on the series page and are free to read.

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VN script pieces again, all from Rebirth; so only summaries.

Prompt: peace offering
Words: 760
Summary: To show he doesn't have hostile intentions, Nuekari leaves little "gifts" for Sakurako to find when he's hunting.

Prompt: face to face
Words: 485
Summary: Nuekari stops tailing Sakurako in disguise, and finally introduces himself.

Prompt: reunion
Words: 357
Summary: Sword returns to Juusuke's side after an extended absence.


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