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A clutch of drabbles and double-drabbles.

Title/Prompt: Abandonment
Rating: U
Summary: Sometimes Rafael needs to let go.

Title/Prompt: Enclosed Spaces
Rating: U
Summary: Vandana doesn't find space travel claustrophobic

Title/Prompt: Journeys and Quests
Rating: U
Summary: Why does the crew travel?

Title/Prompt: Resurrection
Rating: U
Summary: Rafael's past returns

Title/Prompt: Truth Serum
Rating: PG
Summary: Gorata finds herself captured.
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Yeeeah I wasted a day making scribbly arts!

Six prompts :: genderswap, character death, journeys and quests, mutation / physical transformation, AU: alternate genre, pretending to be married / couple.
All six pieces here. All of them are G-rated.

They're from five stories which are all based in the same world (Evalencia). Contains that dude with twisted priorities, a shapeshifter whose luck has run out, a cursed ex-professional dragonling racer, and some other boring people. Also a cat who is not a spacecat. :(


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