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I mixed the prompts from this card with a horror and dark fantasy themed prompt call I did in mid-December.

One story's posted publicly so far.

Title: Rewriting History
Prompt: "failure" and "history"
Rating: PG-13?
Content Notes/Warnings: discussion of cannibalism

Not-Yet-Posted stories:

Fairy Godmothers
Prompts "surprise" and "party / festival"
happens at a Christening, and the good wishes are a surprise to all but the givers

Hunting Season
Prompts "deadline" and "eccentric"
deals with oddities of werewolf hunting season

Unfinished Business
Prompts "toys and games" and "ghosts / hauntings / afterlife"
A grandfather who disappeared without a trace left an unfinished handmade toy to his granddaughter

Everyday Fears of Monsters
Prompts "courage" and "now and then"
A few monsters reminisce about the old times when humans were easier to scare.

Double Play, yay!

(If anybody's interested in other stories from my Fishbowl, here's a linked list, including prompts they're based on.)
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At the last minute, but hey. They're kind of a low, wide "W" across the top two rows. They're five stories set in the universe of City of Sun and Darkness. The van Helsing family has been hunting vampires for a couple of centuries; the psychic trauma adds up.

prompt: job-related trauma
rating: PG-13
warnings: Read more... )
Read more... )

Own Good
prompt: abuse
rating: PG
warnings: Read more... )
Read more... )

Bedtime Story
prompt: fairy tales/folklore/mythology
rating: G
Read more... )

Worst Nightmare
prompt: coma
rating: R
warning: Read more... )
Read more... )

prompt: history
rating: R
warnings: Read more... )
Read more... )
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This one seemed to take forever, lots of ideas that didn't want to take shape on the page.

Another mix of 'verses

Prompt: Emotion Manipulation
Rating: G
Fic: Corvus Chronicles (medieval fantasy, circa 1310)


Prompt: Worst Case Scenario
Rating: PG
Fic: The Leaving Season
More werewolf lojinks )

Prompt: History
Rating: G
Fic: Corvus Chronicles

Prompt: Traditions
Rating: G
Fic: Fearful Monsters
The longest night )

Prompt: Artificial Beings
Rating: G
Fic: Tritan City-verse
Arguably, they're all artificial beings )


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