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I'm doing an alphabet bingo. Here is "A". Because there are twelve prompts, all but the first header are under the cut.

Prompt: AU Affiliation Switch
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 425
Character/Story: Aodh/The Eighth Saimar
Note: A half-hearted attempt, sadly. I'm still not sure what to do with Aodh in the actual novel and it shows. But I went in with the assumption that he wouldn't fight against his friends and the only family he's ever known, so the AU part is that he does.

When they came for him, Aodh refused to go

Rest of the headers under here )
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Oh god, I'm late. ^^;; I blame daylight savings time. Totally. *cough* Anyway, this is my first ever bingo anywhere and I'm very proud of it. ^_^

Title: The Sugar's on the Right
Prompt: baking (cookies)
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Femslash (F/F) and humor

It won't eat you, I promise...

Title: You Know Those Mornings That Just Suck?
Prompt: waking in bed together
Rating: PG13
Content Notes/Warnings: Humor, comedy, mystery, abuse, gen, self-insert (not cracky or mary sue though)

To keep the wrinkles out of their clothes!

Title: Why Saint Shouldn't Get Comfortable While Watching Movies
Prompt: Wildcard - nuzzling
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Femslash and fluff

Come on, pick one...

Title: Anomally
Prompt: obedience
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: None other then het and some romance

Boti thought herself a simple gal. All she wanted was absolute obedience from everyone and thing.

Title: It Doesn't Fit That Way
Prompt: Bondage
Rating: PG15
Content Notes/Warnings: Femslash, humor, sexual content

It's not going to fit if you keep whacking it like that.

My card can be found here. Sorry, I was being a little lazy...


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