Bingo #2

Jan. 27th, 2011 11:37 am
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Title: Looking for Revolution
Prompt: Shopping
Rating: PG-13
Summary/Warnings: Mentions slavery and suicide. Kenny/Max story.

Title: A Cage Without Bars
Prompt: Trapped
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: None. Felicity universe.

Title: Packs and Packing
Prompt: Sunset Stroll
Rating: G
Summary/Warnings: Jenith/Bear universe

Title: Inside Out
Prompt: Fireworks
Rating: R
Summary/Warnings: Sexual themes. Jenny/Inugo story

Title: Second Chance
Prompt: Friend in Need
Rating: R (just in case, because of the themes)
Summary/Warnings: PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING: Domestic violence, attempted suicide
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I was happily able to complete a bingo this month, though I wasn't sure I'd be able to. It's a straight line down the left of my card.

Prompt: Singing
Universe: Wind & Foxes (animism and folklore-based fantasy)
Rating: G
Summary: Reian hears a strange noise in the night, at once nothing like a song and something like one.
A Heart's Song

Prompt: Sunset Stroll
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Goldenhour (Western European fairy tale-based fantasy)
Summary: When the king falls ill, Chester is left to deal with the wreckage of Eastland's court, but Chester has his own wounds to deal with.
Evening Falls

Prompt: Unacknowledged Love
Rating: G
Universe: Lost Princes (1990s Krasnoyarsk, Siberia).
Summary: Slava wants to play in the rain.

Prompt: Reunion
Rating: G
Universe: Goldenhour (Western European fairy tale-based fantasy)
Summary: Sir Alexander Sable is waiting for an important personage to arrive. Someone doesn't think he should wait alone.
Coming Home

Prompt: AU: Crossover/Fusion
Rating: PG
Universe: Goldenhour (science fiction AU)
Summary: The world's greatest thief of robots strikes again.
Stealing a Robot
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Prompt: Sunset stroll
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: From the same universe as Bears A-Go-Go

Going For A Walk

Prompt: Singing
Rating: PG
Content Note/Warnings: In the same universe as Taking An Interest and Buckshot

Heavy Metal

Prompt: Domestic bliss
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: Same universe as Taking An Interest and Buckshot and Heavy Metal


Prompt: Resurrection
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: NaNo Verse! Hurray for backstory!


Prompt: Lazy Day Off
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: NaNo verse



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