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I have achieved bingo, through 5 random squares.
my bingo card is here.

Title: desire cuts deep
Prompt: abuse
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: mentions of drug use/abuse, anxiety, depression
word count: 100 words
summary: drabble about Cassie’s past abuse and how she’s feeling now.

Title: heavy is the day
Prompt: depression
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: mentions/themes of depression
word count: 100 words

Title: Marmalade Mornings
Prompt: waking in bed together
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: none
word count: 100 words

Title: Darkest Dawn
Prompt: hot cocoa (or equivalent)
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: dark thoughts, depression, negativity
Author Notes: drabble

Title: The Trees of Oak Hill
Prompt: darkfic
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: violent imagery, dark themes
word count: 832 words
summary: The trees of Oak Hill are special and they should not be harmed, or there will be consequences.
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At the last minute, but hey. They're kind of a low, wide "W" across the top two rows. They're five stories set in the universe of City of Sun and Darkness. The van Helsing family has been hunting vampires for a couple of centuries; the psychic trauma adds up.

prompt: job-related trauma
rating: PG-13
warnings: Read more... )
Read more... )

Own Good
prompt: abuse
rating: PG
warnings: Read more... )
Read more... )

Bedtime Story
prompt: fairy tales/folklore/mythology
rating: G
Read more... )

Worst Nightmare
prompt: coma
rating: R
warning: Read more... )
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prompt: history
rating: R
warnings: Read more... )
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