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Title: She Doesn’t Date
Prompt: authority figures
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Mentions of teacher/student relationships.
Word Count: 112
Summary: She doesn’t date authority figures.

“Story” )

Title: A Bench In The Park
Prompt: Second person narration
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Prior death of secondary character
Word Count: 121
Summary: You sit on a bench in the middle of a park and take a breath.

“Story” )

Title: Except the Last One
Prompt: Wild Card - last letter
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Abandonment issues is probably the best way to put it.
Word Count: 140
Summary: She doesn’t need him to come back, and she doesn’t need his excuses either.

“Story” )

Title: A Violin
Prompt: playing instrument/music
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 123
Summary: Mary Ellen never learned how to play an instrument when she was younger.

“Story” )

Title: Happy Accident
Prompt: accidents
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 123
Summary: Normally, accidents end badly for Sally.

“Story” )
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Hell yeah, I actually completed one. I'd like to note that that's never happened before. These bits and pieces are from various universes, two from a super hero story with the confounding name with a little zep from my friends, and three from a science fiction universe (or, uh, an AU of that universe) which I call, for lack of anything better, the space dragon 'verse. I seriously need a better name. Anways!

title: homelessness, meet laser bear
prompt: homeslessness
rating: pg-13
content notes/warnings: slash. and faily super heroes. and swearing.

Twilight’s skimming over the sky and all Patrick can think is shit, man as he rifles through the money people have dropped into his guitar case because he maybe has enough in there to eat, but definitely not enough for a bed.  )

title: this is a love story, it's just not yours
prompt: love letter/song
rating: pg-13
content notes/warning: somehow this prompt turned into less of a love letter and more of a really ridiculous method of proposal. and, oh, the swearing. i apologize.

“You know, I could just fly us down,” Dwyn says, once the silence starts to get kind of awkward )

title: tumbling
prompt: worst case scenario
rating: pg-13
content warning/notes femslash.

The ship gives a sudden violent shudder, and Chiela goes down hard before Terasu can catch her, landing right on her ass, giving an uncoordinated flail that probably makes her look like a real idiot. What, so she doesn’t have her space legs, yet, give her a break )

title: you've got to see this
prompt: authority figures
rating: pg
content warning/notes: none

Wald's truck is in the gym. )

title holy shit, man, your face!
prompt: holding hands
rating: r
content notes/warning: attempted assault of a nasty variety.

Wald jostles Pipra as he goes by carrying a beaker of… something, whatever, what does Chiela know about Chemistry? )

WHOO, new card.


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