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Keeping warm:

Stuck in a cabin during a snow storm with a hot werewolf our heroine tries to find a way to keep warm that doesn't involve submitting to her unspoken desires.
1200 words


Cassie is almost through another boring day at work when she slips into another vision filled with fire and smoke.
458 words

Criminal Intent:

Mia and Shane try to figure out what to do with the dead body they just found in the tub of their motel room.
1323 words

Being Right:

Mia knew she was right to leave her husband behind in a motel bathroom with the body of his dead lover she didn't know about and the cops at the door.
521 words


A woman falls apart in the car on the way to the hospital after failing to save a young girl.
278 words
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I created some new characters to play around with these prompts and get back to writing. None of these pieces are anywhere that can be read but the general info about them is under the cut.
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