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Title: Simple Things Bring Smiles
Prompt: Pets
Rating: G / Gen
Content Notes/Warnings: Gothic Verse -- Richard and pets

Ficlet Here

Title: What They Left
Prompt: apocalypse (or post-apocalypse)
Rating: R / Gen
Content Notes/Warnings: Gothic/Starmother verses -- Rebecca, Nuclear war and genocide

Drabble Here

Title: Come The Highwaymen
Prompt: Sudden Disability
Rating: PG-13 / Het
Content Notes/Warnings: Gothic Verse -- Ryder/Elizabeth, Violence

Longfic Here

Title: More Beautiful Today
Prompt: Dancing
Rating: G /Het
Content Notes/Warnings: Gothic Verse -- Bree/Raul, Fluff

Ficlet Here

Title: Teach Me This
Prompt: Disability (Established)
Rating: PG / Gen
Content Notes/Warnings: Sumer Verse -- Titus and Priest, Mentions of deliberate injury

Drabble Here


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