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Title: they come back
Prompt: wild card (apocalypse/post-apocalypse)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Dead family members coming back.
Notes: For the verse Long Way Down. It's an AU but whatever, it still works.

They came back.

All of them, her parents, Tally, everyone. They all come back.

They come back wrong and they come back hungry but they all managed to return.

Hadley doesn’t know what to do, can’t decide whether she’s happy with her starving family or if she’s terrified it’s the end of the world.

If she’s really honest with herself, it’s a little bit of both,

She loves them so damn much, she loves them more than she knows what to do with and if this is the end of the world, then their grave wil be a family plot.

Title: in the cracks
Prompt: Hallucinations/visions
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: None? I think. He sees the cracks in the world where the ghosts come from.
Notes: For The Dead Show. I love Morgan but he is...slightly unhinged.

Morgan sees things that others don’t. He sees the cracks in the world, the places where the seams are splitting and the ghosts come out. He sees and he’s frightened.

He knows others might see too, knows the girl and her father might, knows the brothers might as well. He knows there’s at least a chance, he can tell by the looks on their faces, the fear in their eyes. He knows they know something, even if he can’t tell what.

He sees too much and he doesn’t see enough and he would kill to not see anything at all.

Title: a captured kiss
Prompt: film/photography
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Dave and Teddy are adorable, that's it.
Notes: For No Child Is Spared/Cupcake. These boys are ridiculous and adorable and I love them.

Teddy kisses Dave, snapping a picture with his phone at the same time. He tries not to laugh at the face Dave is making in the picture but but looses the fight and cracks a smile.

“You’re adorable,” he says, keeping the phone out of Dave’s reach as he speaks. “I’m keeping this one. Might even make it my background.”

“I hate you,” Dave mutters, abandoning his attempts to get the phone in favor of entwining their fingers together. “You’re a asshole and I have no idea why I’m still here.”

“Glutton for punishment?”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

Title: it's love
Prompt: Gags
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Nonsexual kink with Barret and Essa
Notes: The still unnamed reincarnated Hades/Persephone-verse. I love these two so fucking much I just wanna make hearthands at them all the time.

The thing is, he’s happy here. He’s happy on the ground, his knees resting on pillows and his hands behind his back. He’s happy with the gag shoved into his mouth and the collar around his neck.

He’s happy to be owned, to be hers, to kneel before her and listen to whatever she wants him to hear and do exactly as she says.

He trusts her implicitly and he loves her and he wouldn’t trade any of this for anything.

Not even the world, or the Underworld, or whatever fucking else they think he’s supposed to be king of.

Title: home again, home again
Prompt: Reunion
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Mention of minor injury. Timothy finds his way back home from the land of the Moon.
Notes: A Moon Calls/Despite The Abundance. One day I will sort out what I am doing with Timothy and the Moon AU or I will just give every one of my characters a Moon AU. That's an option too.

His hands drag across the pavement as he hits the ground, tearing up the skin on his palms. It’s humid out, more humid than he ever remembers New York being. The blood smell mixes with sweat and dirt and garbage and makes his stomach turn.

Timothy shouldn’t be here.

Everything is different, even though he knows it’s not, knows nothing has changed all that much without him in the world for a while. Still, even the air is harder to breathe, the streetlights casting light that seems hollow compared to what he’s used to.

He wants to go back home.

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I like all of these but I especially want to see more of what you're doing with Hades and Persephone.


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