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This is for my 11-26-13 card.

B column: (five poems): vengeance, a stranger, peace, disability (temporary), experiment
I column
N column: (five poems): wishing, vulnerability, FREE SPACE: war, passion, obedience
G column
O column

B column: None, The Blueshift Troupers, Path of the Paladins, Polychrome Heroics, None
N column: Polychrome Heroics, Path of the Paladins, Dragonsilk, Polychrome Heroics, Torn World

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Oh god, I'm late. ^^;; I blame daylight savings time. Totally. *cough* Anyway, this is my first ever bingo anywhere and I'm very proud of it. ^_^

Title: The Sugar's on the Right
Prompt: baking (cookies)
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Femslash (F/F) and humor

It won't eat you, I promise...

Title: You Know Those Mornings That Just Suck?
Prompt: waking in bed together
Rating: PG13
Content Notes/Warnings: Humor, comedy, mystery, abuse, gen, self-insert (not cracky or mary sue though)

To keep the wrinkles out of their clothes!

Title: Why Saint Shouldn't Get Comfortable While Watching Movies
Prompt: Wildcard - nuzzling
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Femslash and fluff

Come on, pick one...

Title: Anomally
Prompt: obedience
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: None other then het and some romance

Boti thought herself a simple gal. All she wanted was absolute obedience from everyone and thing.

Title: It Doesn't Fit That Way
Prompt: Bondage
Rating: PG15
Content Notes/Warnings: Femslash, humor, sexual content

It's not going to fit if you keep whacking it like that.

My card can be found here. Sorry, I was being a little lazy...


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