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 Well, that's another month gone, and we're into August now. How has your writing been going? I have to admit this has been a difficult month for me. First the other half was ill, with a lot of hope I wasn't going to pick it up, because I have a terrible immune system. Luckily I didn't - instead I had an ear infection (a very limited one) for the first time in my life. I hope it never happens again, because I've realised I truly hate not being able to hear properly.

August, I'm hoping, will be a better month. I have plans, but that doesn't mean they're going to work out. More often than not they don't, because life, but my fingers are very crossed, and they're crossed for all of you too - if you need it. Let me know in the comments what plans you have for August, if you need a new card, and how well you're doing with the old ones.
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