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title: the mouth it can heal
prompt: "learning what love is"
rating: R [profanity, mild explicit content, potentially disturbing content]
content notes: xenokink (insect)
genres: speculative fiction, romance
summary: I learned I couldn’t have my cake and eat it too, so I threw it away altogether.

title: when after endtimes?
prompt: "post-traumatic stress disorder"
rating: PG-13 [no profanity, no sex, no explicit violence]
content notes: suicide attempt (firearm)
genre: speculative fiction
summary: She ended it. She remembers.

title: dig your ditches
prompt: "first time"
rating: PG-13 [profanity, kisses, no explicit violence]
content notes: suicide attempt (implied overdose)
genre: speculative fiction
summary: The secret is that everybody has lied to you about what constitutes ‘normal’.

title: weariness being an indisputable quality of life
prompt: "jealousy"
rating: PG-13 [profanity, no sexuality, no explicit violence]
content notes: n/a
genre: speculative fiction
summary: In which there is empathy, chronic illness, and a large dog.

title: two sides of the same inclination
prompt: "romantic relationship (assumed)"
rating: NC-17 [profanity, smut, very minor violence]
content notes: kink (varied, lightly described)
genre: fantasy
summary: I'm aromantic and you're asexual. Sweetheart, we should rule this joint.
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Same Universe of all my other writings. Almost is prior to Novel events, Loving this Way is many years after novel events. I seem to keep jumping everywhere.

Prompt: Injury
Content Notes/Warnings: Drefan can almost forget...almost.

Warnings: Mentions of Past Abuse and injuries, Consensual Sex scene.


Title: Loving this way
Prompt: Jealousy
Rating: (Pg-13)
Content Notes:
Two who love each other so dearly, so deeply but they just have to let go.


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Title: We help the evil
Prompt: torture
Rating: G
Content/warnings: no
Word count: 188
Link on my DW

Title: Swan's song
Prompt: singing
Rating: G
Content/warnings: angst, melodrama
Word count: 206
Link on my DW

Title: Dance
Prompt: jealousy
Rating: G
Content/warnings: fluff
Word count: 141
Link on my DW

Title: Camaraderie
Prompt: silence
Rating: G
Content/warnings: fluff
Word count: 310
Link on my DW

Title: Waiting
Prompt: Hallucination/vision
Rating: G
Content/warnings: off-screen major character death, angst
Word count: 340
Link on my DW


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