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This is for my 11-26-13 card.

I Column prompts (five poems): bad day, toys and games, reunion, management, a hint
Fandoms: stand-alone, Monster House, The Blueshift Troupers, Polychrome Heroics, stand-alone

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This is for my August card. Someday I'll do one of these in a month, I swear.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: Summer
Prompt: bad day
Word Count: 800
Rating: R
Summary: The summer that Mitch and Tam got new boyfriends.

'verse: After the World
Story: Treasure
Prompt: memories
Word Count: 549
Rating: PG
Summary: Evelyn finds a small treasure. Jean is bad with kids.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: The Shack
Prompt: touching/cuddling
Word Count: 1675
Rating: R
Summary: Mitchell stumbles upon a haunting while on vacation.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: Her Ghost
Prompt: impossible
Word Count: 820
Rating: PG
Summary: Mitchell discovers his mother isn't completely gone.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: Goodbye
Prompt: holding one's ground
Word Count: 270
Rating: PG
Summary: Mitchell leaves.
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For reference purposes, the card in question: (here)
My overall thoughts: I've had this card since the beginning of this round and I think the 18 spaces I've filled on up until now are going to be it. I'll keep working on my other card now...
About the stories: All fics, all set in the universe of hopefully my novel. Some are actually parts of the story, others are just goofing around with the characters (none are posted online).

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3 amnesty fics because I am never going to finish this bingo...

Title: Origin Story
Prompt: apocalypse
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes: implied death of millions (hey, it's the apocalypse)
Summary: By the time they realized it hadn’t been China that had sent the first bombs, it was too late.
Link: http://clare-dragonfly.dreamwidth.org/10665.html

Title: Metamorphosis
Prompt: wings
Rating: G
Content Notes: none
Summary: Adora grows wings and sees the world outside the cave.
Link: http://clare-dragonfly.dreamwidth.org/9582.html

Title: Sabotage
Prompt: bad day
Rating: PG
Content Notes: two people who love each other arguing, good people doing bad things
Summary: Sagin has been sabotaging the virus, but Ima catches him.
Link: http://clare-dragonfly.dreamwidth.org/6800.html [locked]

Note: the tag "prompt: wing" seems to exist already, but my prompt was "wings," so I went ahead and added that tag. I will not be offended if the tag is changed.
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all set in the same universe, all sorted in timeline order.

Title: dancing in the dark
Prompt: gender play
Rating: R
Word Count: 883
Content Warnings/Notes: age difference, sexual situation involving underage character.

Title: love like water
Prompt: lazy day off
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 537
Content Warnings/Notes: implied sexual content, set two years after dancing in the dark.

Title: treasures worth more than jewels
Prompt: second person narration
Rating: G
Word Count: 432
Content Warnings/Notes: kidnapping

Title: water to the dead
Prompt: bad day
Rating: G
Word Count: 575
Content Warnings/Notes: apparent character death

Title: lost and never found
Prompt: trapped
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 785
Content Warnings/Notes: aftermath of (assumed) sibling death, implied violence
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This is from a universe I have written almost nothing about before and writing some of these short fics has helped me realise exactly how little I know. However I love the storyline I have planned, which has changed location about six times, and I'm rather happy with happy day-mages and night-mages. Now I just need to work out what they can actually do.

It's a block of nine bingo. The final five stories have a specific order so they've been posted in that order and the first is 'A Night Off'.

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