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Title: Three times Nicholas Vintner almost said 'I love you' and the time he did
Prompt: I love you (first time)
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Well, the first section doesn't actually involve graphic violence, but in the aftermath of it there's a fair bit of blood and the POV character is pretty sure he's going to lose someone he cares for. If that's not your thing, you're really not going to miss anything vital skipping to the first break.

I'm not completely giving up on this card, but even though the boys are my take-the-brain-off-the-hook writing, another pair of characters have been claiming these prompts more aggressively and I don't have much time to write now anyway. So well, one and a half out of five is... something.
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These I've had sitting stuck in editing limbo on my computer since like the end of October. They're still a little rough, some of them, but I just need to hurry up and dump them so that I can work on something that fits one of the cards I have now.

Prompt: Day in the life
Rating: G
Content/warnings: Hetero schmoop, but nothing else objectionable
Word count: 1,420

Prompt: Shopping
Rating: PG
Content/warnings: Undetailed nudity, annoying young teenagers
Word count: 1,795

Prompt: Traditions
Rating: PG
Content/warnings: family Drama, like one cussword
Word count: 1,890

Prompt: Sleepy times
Rating: G
Content/warnings: A touch of teenage angst, sleepy cat-people
Word count: 1,118

Prompt: Hot cocoa (or equivalent)
Rating: G
Content/warnings: Nothing really objectionable.
Word count: 1,596


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