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I am so excited for my November bingo card that I finished five drabbles in one writing session.  They are all set in the universe Lost Toys, Finding Home

My dream is light
Prompt:  Wing
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None

Aki wondered what would be like if she could fly. She has watched the birds sliding, so easily and so effortlessly. She has seen her counterpart on the screen suspended in the space, using them as weapon. But to her, her wings were only a heavy burden. They clung to her body, weighing her down, blocking her way. Ebony once asked what she would like to be if she became real. She hadn't answered her just then, but she would like, for once, feel her wings moving behind her back, her machinary stretching, electronic signal sending to the whole body.

Title: Our shared dream
Prompt:  fairy tales / folklore / mythology
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None

Once upon a time there was a toy. People bought its companions, but left it behind. It dreaded what would happen, because it knew that the place where all misfit toy went was a dreadful place. Then someone blue came  and asked, "whay are you crying?" "No one wants me. I will become a piece of rubbish, "it sobbed. "Only if you want," the Blue one said, and told it about a paradise.  "How can I go there?" it asked. There are many versions to what happened later, but most choose to believe it did go there.

Title: Sweet dream tonight
Prompt:  distress (and rescue)
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None

Ebony winced when Aki knitted her wound. "It is really close." Aki said. This time Ebony and Aki set out to the spirit world, avoid demons, fight with the spirits to rescue a child back. A fireball caught Ebony, and they needed to escape before the house cat woke up to chase them away. Then they needed to hide from the rain.  They finished the mission slightly shaken. But Ebony thought it was worth it when it saw how happy the toys were, seeing their master.  Ebony remained silent, letting its friend 's unspoken concern wrap around it.

Title: Happy Dream
Prompt:  enclosed space
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None
Perhaps recalling the time when the toys were wrapped up in a box, waiting on the shelf, Aki felt safer when squeezing in a small place, holding its head in its arms, waiting for the time to pass. Sadly, not many places were allowed for a toy robot. Other friends may joke about it, but when they moved to a new place, one of them would always pull it aside to a small space they discovered, be it the corner behind the shelf or the space behind the lamppost. Aki always wanted to say somethings but no words were enough..

Title: No one can hear your scream in a dream
Prompt: silence
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None

Aki didn't sleep, because it was only a toy. It ddn't dream, because it was not real. Not yet, it has willed itself to believe. But is it worth it? It has seen too many children screamed, lashed out from their dream. It has seen too many demons preying on the sleeping soul. Perhaps it wold be much safer to be like what it is now, only staying still for rest. Ebony always went to it then, usually holding some pieces of papers (Ebony loved words.) They sat side by side, immersing in the silent camaderaine that they both enjoyed.

My card can be found here

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Yay, congrats! \o/


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