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[Fics] A Random Collection of Modern Fics, Made in April

Title: She Doesn’t Date
Prompt: authority figures
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Mentions of teacher/student relationships.
Word Count: 112
Summary: She doesn’t date authority figures.

She doesn’t date authority figures. “

She knows there are some people that do (and she just doesn’t judge them, though she’ll admit to side eyeing the authority figure involved if they still have a powerful position of authority over the person).

But she grew up the type of schools that featured one too many teachers leaving for personal reasons (read: messing around with one too many students, now asked to leave so they don’t have to involve the police), and she doesn’t trust other authority figures any more than she did those guys.

She’s not sure if she’s too distrustful, but she decides it doesn’t matter anyways, she feels better this way.

Title: A Bench In The Park
Prompt: Second person narration
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Prior death of secondary character
Word Count: 121
Summary: You sit on a bench in the middle of a park and take a breath.

You sit on a bench in the middle of the park and take a breath.

It’s nice here, in this long neglected and forgotten park. There are other ones that have been built up now, with shinier playground equipment and nicer facilities to use, but you grew up using this one and it’s still the one you return to whenever you’re back in town.

You don’t come back to town very often, though some of your old friends and your relatives ask you to.

It’s too hard, knowing what you’ll find here.

You take a breath again and stand, brushing your hand over the bench where your best friend was found dead.

You’ll be back, but for now, this is goodbye again.

Title: Except the Last One
Prompt: Wild Card - last letter
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Abandonment issues is probably the best way to put it.
Word Count: 140
Summary: She doesn’t need him to come back, and she doesn’t need his excuses either.

Elizabeth has read every letter he sent her, except the last one.

She knows it won’t make a difference if she reads it – he’s gone, anyways, and he’s not coming back (or she assumes he’s not. This is longer than he’s ever been gone before, and that makes it feel far more likely that she’ll never hear from him again, let alone see him).

But she doesn’t want to hear the explanations, the sorry excuses for why he’s left and isn’t coming back this time. She’s heard them all before, and they don’t really mean anything.

They’re all just excuses for the fact that he doesn’t want to take any responsibility and therefore he’s not going to.

She doesn’t need him (and she doesn’t really want him, she just wants an idealized form of him that would actually stick around).

Title: A Violin
Prompt: playing instrument/music
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 123
Summary: Mary Ellen never learned how to play an instrument when she was younger.

Mary Ellen never learned how to play an instrument when she was younger. They cost too much, and the school only offered the types of instrument she wasn’t interested in or couldn’t play.

Some say it’s silly to buy instruments now, when she should be focusing on things she’s already good at and she has nobody to teach her, but that’s what the internet and books are for.

Figuring this out is a way to reclaim that bit of her that’s been stomped out and forgotten, by other things she wanted to do but couldn’t.

This she can do, even if the violin screeches as she learns how to play and the cat takes to shutting the door on her as she practices.  

Title: Happy Accident
Prompt: accidents
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 123
Summary: Normally, accidents end badly for Sally.

Normally, accidents end badly for her. Sally’s glad that she hasn’t ended up in too bad of shape in any of them, but still, breaking her foot by tripping over a book had been embarrassing.

This? This was the good kind of accident, though.

She hadn’t thought it would be at the time, but signing up for ANTH-100 instead of ART-100 had given her an idea of what she could actually study that she would enjoy doing, instead of what she could sign up to study that wouldn’t make her hate it within a year.

Besides, ART-100 had apparently been a disaster that semester, thanks to a ceiling tile falling on top of somebody’s open painting supplies and splashing over everyone else’s projects.