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Card request post closed.
If you want to join in please check for next month's amnesty post.
Thanks to all those who requested this month. :)

Welcome back to Original Fiction Bingo. As April is Camp NaNo month I got to thinking about one of my old favourite communities, and, now, here I am, the new mod. :) A big thank you to [personal profile] white_aster for letting me take over the reins. This is the first bingo comm I've modded, so there's likely to be some teething issues, but I'll do my best to make things as smooth as possible. I will be going over the old rules post in the near future, just to make some small changes.

So, to introduce me. I'm Kayleigh, I'm in the UK, and I've been writing original fiction for as long as I can remember. You can get in contact with me, if you need to, here via PM, a comment on this post, or using my email - kayleigh.a.webb[at]gmail[dot]com.

This is your April card request post. Requests will be open from now until 11.59pm (BST) on the 7th of April. All old cards can still be used, if you still have access to them, or you can ask for something new.


1. You may choose up to two bingo cards, using gen, gen and romance, or gen, romance, and kink prompts. If you do choose two cards please get them from separate categories (eg. a gen and romance card, with a gen, romance, and kink card).

2. Let me know when you get a bingo. Once you've bingoed with one of your cards you can request a new one, or you can continue working with the old one, and if you wish to share your work with the community. If you don't get a bingo you can request a new card during amnesty week.

3. Bingo however you want. There are the traditional bingoes, from left to right, top to bottom, or diagonal, but you can also use your imagination to create whatever you want - with one stipulation: each bingo must have at least five fills.

That's all for now. Have fun writing, and I look forward to seeing this comm be as busy as it once was.
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