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Dec. 6th, 2014 12:03 pm
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Happy December! What's going on with you guys? I got a new motorcycle in November and I'm thinking of adopting cats! (Just trying to get up the courage to ask my landlords to waive their 'no pets' clause, argh.)

Amnesty week will run from now until 13th December if you want to get a new card without making a bingo on your existing one. And one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to post the new card post on time every month, jeez.

The usual rules apply:

  1. Ask for a card type when you request: GEN, GEN+ROMANCE or GEN+ROMANCE+KINK.
  2. You can have two card types on the go at once, but please only request one type per month.
  3. Bingos can be won through any shape, such as up and down, side to side or diagonal lines, x shapes, u shapes, or any other shape you can make out of a 5x5 grid OR any five random squares filled in on your grid.
  4. Feel free to post links to your bingo pieces, or a list of the prompts you filled and a summary of each fill. If you do link to your fills, please be careful with things aren't PG-13.

More detailed rules are here.

Good luck, and happy bingoing!
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