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I used my Nov card to write a few scenes/sections of a visual novel script, which I unfortunately can't make public yet. My squares made a sort of odd geometrical pattern, but I guess if it's any 5+ squares shape it counts as bingo? XD; Silly of me to forget that until amnesty week started.

Prompt: criminal intent
Words: 635
Summary: Sakurako and Sword plan to break into the Bureau of Divination and make off with some valuable artefacts.

Prompt: ancient
Words: 600
Summary: Prologue summarising the ancient history of deities and the artefacts that remain in the human world.

Prompt: object penetration
Words: 772
Summary: Sakurako/Sword on a post-battle high.

Prompt: dangerous
Words: 361
Summary: Sakurako and Sword have an unexpected clash with someone very powerful and dangerous.

Prompt: reunion (free space)
Words: 413
Summary: Nuekari seeks to be reunited with his master at any cost.

Prompt: magic
Words: 1595
Summary: A demon uses extreme means to gain some of Kamo's magical powers. It ends badly.

Date: 2011-12-04 04:55 am (UTC)
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Yep, any 5-square pattern we count as a bingo here. Why limit ourselves? ^___^

Congratulations on the bingo! It's been quiet around here, and I'm glad that the bingo is still helping to get the creative juices flowing! :D


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