Dec. 4th, 2011

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What's this, you say? Well, it's a little thing we thought might be fun. So in addition to whatever personal bingo cards you've requested for the month or are still working on from last month, there is a little extra holiday themed bingo card just for December!

This is one mini card for everyone - it's totally optional, but if you want to play with it then please do!

  • Do as many or as few of the mini bonus card prompts as you like.

  • It can be in addition to your regular bingo card - so say you have a card with prompts for "eccentric", "luck", and "superstition", you would then add the bonus prompts to them for a more multilayered prompt such as "eccentric gifts" or "wonder and superstition" or "lucky reunion".

  • OR you can treat the mini bonus card as nine more separate prompts to be written on their own.

    The mini bonus card is only available for use during the month of December! Use expires on midnight (your time) December 31st, though you can continue to post anything you've written for it through January's amnesty week.


    wonder holiday / festival / party / feast snow / frost
    reunion peace the night before
    darkness smoke gifts / presents
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    I used my Nov card to write a few scenes/sections of a visual novel script, which I unfortunately can't make public yet. My squares made a sort of odd geometrical pattern, but I guess if it's any 5+ squares shape it counts as bingo? XD; Silly of me to forget that until amnesty week started.

    Prompt: criminal intent
    Words: 635
    Summary: Sakurako and Sword plan to break into the Bureau of Divination and make off with some valuable artefacts.

    Prompt: ancient
    Words: 600
    Summary: Prologue summarising the ancient history of deities and the artefacts that remain in the human world.

    Prompt: object penetration
    Words: 772
    Summary: Sakurako/Sword on a post-battle high.

    Prompt: dangerous
    Words: 361
    Summary: Sakurako and Sword have an unexpected clash with someone very powerful and dangerous.

    Prompt: reunion (free space)
    Words: 413
    Summary: Nuekari seeks to be reunited with his master at any cost.

    Prompt: magic
    Words: 1595
    Summary: A demon uses extreme means to gain some of Kamo's magical powers. It ends badly.


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