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Title: Getting Acquainted
Prompt: Parent(s)
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Unconventional families
Series: Unwanteds

Title: Christening
Prompt: Truth
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Unconventional families
Series: Unwanteds

Title: A New Part of the Household
Prompt: Pets
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Unconventional families
Series: Unwanteds

Title: Threat Rising
Prompt: Hunger
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Fire damage, fire aftermath sensory experiences
Series: Unwanteds

Title: Alliance in Hell
Prompt: War
Rating: PG
Content Notes: threat to a minor
Series: Unwanteds

Mods: I didn't see a tag for Prompt: Parent(s)

BINGO: row

Oct. 15th, 2013 09:46 pm
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I'm posting fills for my 8-13-13 card. I've been using fests as a way of generating extra prompts for my Poetry Fishbowl and other crowdfunding projects, so the sponsored ones and some free perks have been posted while other stuff is still available for sponsorship. Want to see something that isn't posted yet? Many of my fills belong to series, so their prices will be listed under the relevant series on my Serial Poetry page. For stand-alone pieces you can ask in a comment.

Row 4 Prompts (five poems): wooing/courtship, underdog, starting over, sweet nothings, truth.

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Bingo done in a straight line. Eh, please tell me if I'm off on my rating or warnings, I'm a little new to them :)

Prompt: journal/diary (B2)
Rating: G
Content Notes: Set in the Hamsterverse. No warnings needed, just a disclaimer: the hamsters are the brainchildren of LRH, though Caine and the Fashion Crusade are mine.

Caine's Diary - 589 words

Prompt: sleepy times (I2)
Rating: G
Content Notes: A harmless bit of fluff.

Sleepy Times - 312 words

Prompt: truth (N2)
Rating: R (I’m guessing here)
Content Notes: Set in Perpetuality. Warnings for character mind-breakiness and first-person creepiness.

In Mind - 3385 words

Prompt: phobias (G2)
Rating: R
Content Notes: Phobia-provocation and kinkiness.

Arachnophobia - 750 words

Prompt: body part fetishes (O2)
Rating: PG
Content Notes: Set in Perpetuality. Also note that this Mach is a different one than in Sleepy Times.

On Return - 1286 words
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Proceedings of the first Friday of the First Month
Prompt: first time (wildcard)
Rating: R
Content Notes/Warnings: gore, teenagers in sexual situation, consent issues
Summary: Akiku ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Title: Declare Independence
Prompt: truth
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: off-screen violence, injuries and blood
Summary: Jiru follows the smoke to Kaji.
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Prompts :: reading aloud, gift giving
two here

Prompts :: truth, hunger, zombies
+ three here

Everything's G-rated.

This time featuring the [nakama] crew. Specifically: an examination of the northerners' relationships with magical spirits, and the androgynous heretic's relationship with the mute thaumaturge.


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