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This is for my 11-26-13 card. Most of these are still available for sponsorship.

O Column (four poems, one story): luck, swearing / cursing, impossible, wisdom, ordinary day.
Fandoms: Walking the Beat, Polychrome Heroics, Torn World, stand-alone

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This is for my August card. Someday I'll do one of these in a month, I swear.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: Summer
Prompt: bad day
Word Count: 800
Rating: R
Summary: The summer that Mitch and Tam got new boyfriends.

'verse: After the World
Story: Treasure
Prompt: memories
Word Count: 549
Rating: PG
Summary: Evelyn finds a small treasure. Jean is bad with kids.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: The Shack
Prompt: touching/cuddling
Word Count: 1675
Rating: R
Summary: Mitchell stumbles upon a haunting while on vacation.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: Her Ghost
Prompt: impossible
Word Count: 820
Rating: PG
Summary: Mitchell discovers his mother isn't completely gone.

'verse: Ghost Sight
Story: Goodbye
Prompt: holding one's ground
Word Count: 270
Rating: PG
Summary: Mitchell leaves.
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Title: Drop the Tough
Prompt: impossible
Rating: PG
Content Notes: none
Summary: Leina tries to ask a favour, but picks the wrong person and place.

Title: In the Mood
Prompt: begging
Rating: PG
Content Notes: none
Summary: Kazumi doesn't feel like being straightforward when she's bored.

Title: That's How I Know
Prompt: plushie or furry
Rating: G
Content Notes: none
Summary: Iyako cuts through Nagisa's usual confidence by revealing one of her own secrets.

Title: Voilà€
Prompt: deadline
Rating: PG
Content Notes: none
Summary: the occupants of study 5 try to tackle pre-summer assignments as a team.

Title: Everything in Its Right Place
Prompt: visiting
Rating: PG
Content Notes: none
Summary: Shikio gets an unexpected visit at the disciplinary committee room, from the former committee head.


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