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Card one has 17 pieces (500-1k words, generally; two bingos + other stories) set in the world of Heirloom, a longer novel that I have no fucking clue what I'm going to do with. These stories are set all over the place, though mostly in the time right after Samair and Ari arrive at the capital.

Heirloom is a pretty downer story/universe (this is what happens when your twin brother turns you into an immortal artifact then dies) and so most of the stories are kind of downers. Also, incest.

Card one stories, G to NC-17 ratings.

Card two has only one story, because I very suddenly had to find a place to move and pack all my worldly belongings within like, two weeks. The world is one with three characters that I'll be writing all next year for SSBB.

Card two story, G rating.

I, uh, meant to post the bingo before Dragon*Con, but then life got crazy and I didn't. Sorry about that, mods!
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This is from a universe I have written almost nothing about before and writing some of these short fics has helped me realise exactly how little I know. However I love the storyline I have planned, which has changed location about six times, and I'm rather happy with happy day-mages and night-mages. Now I just need to work out what they can actually do.

It's a block of nine bingo. The final five stories have a specific order so they've been posted in that order and the first is 'A Night Off'.

Nine links under the cut - add me if you're interested in reading them )
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This is a straight line through the middle bingo. These are short fics from my Magi universe, which has been in my head for a long time but I haven't done much work on yet so these are special. :) Again these are friend locked so let me know if you want to be added.

Title: Jared Finally Gives Up
Prompt: wooing/courtship
Rating: G
Content notes/warning: this is from the POV of one of the two main characters, Marnie, and technically comes after the Ceremony

Title: The Ceremony
Prompt: coming of age
Rating: G
Content notes/warning: another fic from the POV of Marnie

Title: Making A Decision
Prompt: illness (major or minor)
Rating: G
Content notes/warning: from the POV of the other main character Thomar. There is a mention of death.

Title: Travelling to the Magi
Prompt: accidents
Rating: G
Content notes/warning: from the POV of Thomar

Title: Annoyed at Mother
Prompt: trapped
Rating: G
Content notes/warning: from the POV of Marnie

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Title: Big Easy Ain't
Prompt: Abandonment
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: Character Sketch of a succubus / talk of prostitution

Ficlet Here

Title: Perfect Lazy Day
Prompt: Lazy Day Off
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Quick snapshot of two boys / No warnings

Drabble Here

Title: Grand Central 411
Prompt: Memories
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: An A.I. working through a problem / No warnings

Drabble Here

Title: Living Up To Father
Prompt: Mistaken Identity
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: A son finds favoring his father can work for him / Innuendo

Ficlet Here

Title: Fever Relief
Prompt: Illness (Major or Minor)
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Warnings: Sketch of a people through one character's eyes / No warnings

Ficlet Here
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Prompt: First Time
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: Same universe as Taking An Interest


Prompt: Illness (major or minor)
Rating: PG
Content Note/Warnings: Takes place in my NaNo universe. Also talks about poisoning of children.

Heir and a Spare

Prompt: Wine/Alcohol
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: NaNo universe.


Prompt: Caught in the rain
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: Takes place in my NaNo universe


Prompt: Grief (Wild Card)
Rating: PG
Content Note/Warnings: Death. My NaNo-verse again.


- All the NaNo-verse fics are in chronological order.

Bingo #2!

Oct. 4th, 2010 02:36 pm
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Prompt: Injury
Rating: PG
Content Note/Warnings: Blood.

Not That Bad

Prompt: Hunger
Rating: PG-13
Content Note/Warnings: Implies captivity, torture, bullying, and kidnapping

Lost Boy

Prompt: Illness (major or minor)
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: a bit of grossness, but nothing too bad (From the same universe as Family Ties)


Prompt: Magical/Mythological Creatures
Rating: G
Content Note/Warnings: None

Taking An Interest

Prompt: Exile
Rating: PG-13
Content Note/Warnings: Language.



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