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My second bingo! All fics in the same verse. Tried to put them in a semblance of order in story timeline.

Title: Love is never gentle, and Grief gives way to Hate.
Prompt: Grief
Rating: (Heavy PG-13)
Content Notes/Warnings: Ending of the First Novel, The Tragedy ends in a catastrophe and the scene that changed everything, for love can destroy far easier than it can create, and grief is but a precursor to hate. Warnings: Death, Violence, Blood.


Let Darkness Free the Light.
Prompt: Free Space
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings: The Battle for Tuima, the gathering of the force that under the General Lianna Ebonheart would have part in saving illander, the Holy City. Violence.


Title: Radiance of the Coming Dawn
Prompt: Back Story/Missing Scene
Rating: (Heavy PG-13)
Content Notes/Warnings: Nathanial’s meeting with his first companion and Guardian, the Half Angel Elhannen ap'Eibhlhin.
Warnings: Mentions of Past Child Abuse, Masochism.


Title: Years End Wishes
Prompt: Costumes
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings: It is the Years End Masked Ball, the King asks a favour of his King’s Guard to pull off the ruse. No warnings.


Title: The rockiest and harshest road
Prompt: Assumed Romantic Relationship
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings: Nathanial finally asks that one important question of his consort.
Warnings: None I can think of.



Jan. 2nd, 2011 02:12 pm
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I don't think I'm ever going to finish my poor October bingo card, so here's some lonely fic.

Title: Masquerade
Prompt: Costumes
Word Count: 5258
Note: Part of a universe tentatively titled Panton, which is horribly pretentious. This takes place in the city of Arcadia.

Title: Lucky Shot
Prompt: Medical Treatment
Word Count: 1018
Rating: PG-13
Note: More of Jean and Max from After the World, which is also part of Panton. Lady, I need to find a better name.


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