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Bingo, for my May card from June 5!
I did a U shape of the B and the O column and the bottom horizontal line - went into installments of one overall fic.

Title: For the people
Prompts: Underdog, desperate, market, peace, cutting edge, worrying, masks, friendship, high and low, first time, silence, outnumbered, blessing
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Scifi/fantasy
Summary: In a theocratic society, a curse lies on the people, and so far all attempts to lift it have failed. Will the prophecy be fulfilled this time?
Content notes: Non-graphic violence, alcohol and language, just in case.


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Title: Good for the Lion...
Prompt: knowledge
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Content Notes : Cuckolding, Gender equality thoughts
Verse: Sumer

600 words

Title: End Comes To All
Prompt: blessing
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Content Notes : Immortality and ending it
Verse: Starmother

300 words

Title: Ragged Reminder
Prompt: wound(s)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Content Notes : semi-graphic violence, references mental instabilty
Verse: Menagerie

400 words

Title: Bury the Hatchet
Prompt: face to face
Rating: General Audiences
Content Notes : Old rivalry
Verse: Small Town Lives

700 words

Title: Glimpses
Prompt: masks
Rating: General Audiences
Content Notes : Mentions of violence
Verse: Gothic

218 words


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