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Title: Shahrazaad of the House of the Midnight Lily
Prompt: prostitution
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Content Notes/Warnings: Semi-nakedness still counts, even in this day and age, right? Shahrazaad, the jewel of the House, as he was when he catches Koda's eye.

Shahrazaad of the House of the Midnight Lily

Title: A Present For His Lover
Prompt: birthdays
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None. Shari dashes home with his specially planned gift for the first birthday he and Koda spend together.

A Present For His Lover

Title: Having Fun, Yet?
Prompt: tickling
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: None. Mischievous chibis and Koda's giant... paintbrush.

Having Fun, Yet?

Title: With A Big Red Ribbon
Prompt: anniversary
Rating: R on the safe side
Content Notes/Warnings: Nudity (vital areas concealed 8P). I... think this one is more Shari's fantasy rather than anything Koda would actually do... XD

With A Big Red Ribbon

Title: My Son
Prompt: baby
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: Sap and fluff.Koda and Nico.

My Son
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Yay, my first bingo. :D All of these are side stories in my project, The Queen of Absolutes. A few of them are going to be canon, but two of them, I'm not sure. Still it was mad fun writing these.


The Prince's Awakening
Rating: PG
Content: Suggested sex, waking up naked
Prompt: Fire in the fireplace

Rating: G
Content: Postpartum depression
Prompt: Baby

The Wedding Night
Rating: G
Content: Reluctant bride
Prompt: "I love you" (first)

Under the Sycamore Tree
Rating: G
Content: ~teenage hormones~
Prompt: Kissing it better

Answered Prayers
Rating: G
Content: Church
Prompt: Reunion


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