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I'd fallen out of the habit of writing anything but RPG posts, and used a column of my April card to warm up for flashfic again a little. The results sound accordingly rusty, so I'll keep the actual text to myself for now.

Prompt: Worrying
Content: After years of being stranded alone far from home, Sylvie finally has found someone she connects with. But he seems even more drawn to her than vice versa, and she's worried what that might lead to. (~250 words)

Prompt: Keeping Warm
Content: Winter, two people in a pit trap and too exhausted or injured to get out. (~200 words)

Prompt: The Meaning of Life
Content: A few centuries into being immortal, Daaren talks to someone considerably older, trying to find out how to not grow numb or insane. (~200 words)

Prompt: Curiosity
Content: Nico contemplates snooping in a possibly-legendary someone's background, finding a flimsy but workable pretext. (~175 words)

Prompt: Questions
Content: More of Sylvie worrying, this time about questions she will be asked upon her return home. (~200 words)
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I mixed the prompts from this card with a horror and dark fantasy themed prompt call I did in mid-December.

One story's posted publicly so far.

Title: Rewriting History
Prompt: "failure" and "history"
Rating: PG-13?
Content Notes/Warnings: discussion of cannibalism

Not-Yet-Posted stories:

Fairy Godmothers
Prompts "surprise" and "party / festival"
happens at a Christening, and the good wishes are a surprise to all but the givers

Hunting Season
Prompts "deadline" and "eccentric"
deals with oddities of werewolf hunting season

Unfinished Business
Prompts "toys and games" and "ghosts / hauntings / afterlife"
A grandfather who disappeared without a trace left an unfinished handmade toy to his granddaughter

Everyday Fears of Monsters
Prompts "courage" and "now and then"
A few monsters reminisce about the old times when humans were easier to scare.

Double Play, yay!

(If anybody's interested in other stories from my Fishbowl, here's a linked list, including prompts they're based on.)
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I finally got five from my card from August done. XD

Title: Fighting Song
Prompt: singing
Words: 100
Rating: G
Summary: A few words on using music in battle.

Title: Minimalist Camouflage
Prompt: undercover
Words: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes, looking harmless is useful, even if it's embarrassing.

The rest are not public.
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Could I get a new card, please? General.


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