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Title: they come back
Prompt: wild card (apocalypse/post-apocalypse)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Dead family members coming back.
Notes: For the verse Long Way Down. It's an AU but whatever, it still works.

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Title: in the cracks
Prompt: Hallucinations/visions
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: None? I think. He sees the cracks in the world where the ghosts come from.
Notes: For The Dead Show. I love Morgan but he is...slightly unhinged.

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Title: a captured kiss
Prompt: film/photography
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Dave and Teddy are adorable, that's it.
Notes: For No Child Is Spared/Cupcake. These boys are ridiculous and adorable and I love them.

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Title: it's love
Prompt: Gags
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Nonsexual kink with Barret and Essa
Notes: The still unnamed reincarnated Hades/Persephone-verse. I love these two so fucking much I just wanna make hearthands at them all the time.

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Title: home again, home again
Prompt: Reunion
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Warnings and summary: Mention of minor injury. Timothy finds his way back home from the land of the Moon.
Notes: A Moon Calls/Despite The Abundance. One day I will sort out what I am doing with Timothy and the Moon AU or I will just give every one of my characters a Moon AU. That's an option too.

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Title: Middle of Winter
Prompt: Visiting
Rating: Teen and Up / PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: Romantic angst
Verse: Gothic

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Decided to retire my current card, so here's a couple of amnesty pieces. (For the first time ever! Progress, whoo! \o/)

Prompt: home
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Summary: Getting used to a stationary life takes a while.

Posted here

Prompt: family (with a touch of "magic" from an older card)
Rating: PG (?)
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Summary: Her whole life, magic has been the red-headed stepchild of Josie's family.

Posted here
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Title: Shangri-la
Prompt: touching/cuddling
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes: implied past abuse
Summary: Mei struggles with letting Juusuke close.

Title: Sea of Spring
Prompt: body part fetish
Rating: R
Content Notes: gore, necro-ish
Summary: [one-shot] Long ago, in the time of two great clans, their opposing armies battled on the western sea coast, and a young warrior lost his head. What remains in the solitude of the sand-dunes.
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Amnesty fics because I am NEVER going to finish this bingo card, at least not this year. And I'm sorry, but I can't post links to them as they are part of an ongoing manuscript--a medieval clockpunk AU of Shakespeare and a little-known play by an anonymous author. I hope that's all right.

Title: Untitled
Prompt: isolation
Rating: PG
Content Warnings: bullying/humiliation
Summary: Richard won't beg his captor and ex-lover to spare his life; his captor, who is determined to break Richard, threatens Richard's belovéd wife, who's reported to be dying.

Title: Untitled
Prompt: reunion
Rating: PG
Content Warnings: None
Summary: The queen's commands are swift, impossible to misunderstand, dangerous and strike a lethal blow to Henry's ambitions. It would be practical to stall, play politics and commit to nothing. Henry knows that the queen--not to mention his wife--will never understand if he does the practical thing.
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Title: The Wolves
Prompt: wet & messy
Rating: PG
Content Warnings: bullying/humiliation
Summary: Kame plays a game with Yoshimi to get Shirakage's attention.

Title: Rain
Prompt: first time
Rating: NC-17
Content Warnings: teenage characters
Summary: Kanaharu and Akito turn to each other for comfort.

Title: Undertow
Prompt: celebrity/notable person
Rating: R (sexual content)
Content Warnings: teenage characters
Summary: Kano snoops through Akiku's porn stash.

Title: Loneliness Has No Name
Prompt: gangbang
Rating: R (sexual content)
Content Warnings: teenage characters, dub-con, incest
Summary: It's summer festival night and Kagehisa invites his friends.
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Card one has 17 pieces (500-1k words, generally; two bingos + other stories) set in the world of Heirloom, a longer novel that I have no fucking clue what I'm going to do with. These stories are set all over the place, though mostly in the time right after Samair and Ari arrive at the capital.

Heirloom is a pretty downer story/universe (this is what happens when your twin brother turns you into an immortal artifact then dies) and so most of the stories are kind of downers. Also, incest.

Card one stories, G to NC-17 ratings.

Card two has only one story, because I very suddenly had to find a place to move and pack all my worldly belongings within like, two weeks. The world is one with three characters that I'll be writing all next year for SSBB.

Card two story, G rating.

I, uh, meant to post the bingo before Dragon*Con, but then life got crazy and I didn't. Sorry about that, mods!
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3 amnesty fics because I am never going to finish this bingo...

Title: Origin Story
Prompt: apocalypse
Rating: PG-13
Content Notes: implied death of millions (hey, it's the apocalypse)
Summary: By the time they realized it hadn’t been China that had sent the first bombs, it was too late.

Title: Metamorphosis
Prompt: wings
Rating: G
Content Notes: none
Summary: Adora grows wings and sees the world outside the cave.

Title: Sabotage
Prompt: bad day
Rating: PG
Content Notes: two people who love each other arguing, good people doing bad things
Summary: Sagin has been sabotaging the virus, but Ima catches him.
Link: [locked]

Note: the tag "prompt: wing" seems to exist already, but my prompt was "wings," so I went ahead and added that tag. I will not be offended if the tag is changed.
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Pieces from various cards I have. This group of stories can also be downloaded in pdf form here.

Title: The First Birthday
Prompt: birthdays
Rating: PG
Word Count: 163
Content Warnings: implied twincest
Summary: the first birthday Akiku and Touya spend together.

Title: The Firstborns
Prompt: coming of age
Rating: PG
Word Count: 227
Content Warnings: implied incest, underage
Summary: a rare summer Akiku gets to spend with his mother.

Title: Some Velvet Morning
Prompt: hunger
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 812
Content Warnings: male lactation, teenage characters
Summary: morning feeding time for an oni.

Title: Way We Get By
Prompt: free space (tentacles)
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1545
Content Warnings: a live octopus, cousincest, teenage character, considerable age gap
Summary: a summer's day at the beach

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Title: Trapped in Nightmares
Prompt: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Rating: R
Content Notes/Warnings: War flashbacks, non-explict description of death, swearing, nightmares, war trauma

Universe: Historical Fantasy Universe (Original Fiction - Fantasy Genre)
Time Period: WWII/Post-War
Summary: Thomas Hawke, a former War Mage for the German army is plagued by the deaths of the men he was supposed to protect and what he has done.

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Same Universe of all my other writings. Almost is prior to Novel events, Loving this Way is many years after novel events. I seem to keep jumping everywhere.

Prompt: Injury
Content Notes/Warnings: Drefan can almost forget...almost.

Warnings: Mentions of Past Abuse and injuries, Consensual Sex scene.


Title: Loving this way
Prompt: Jealousy
Rating: (Pg-13)
Content Notes:
Two who love each other so dearly, so deeply but they just have to let go.


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Prompt: wine/alcohol
Rating: PG
Word Count: 658
Content Warnings: imagined son->father incest
Summary: Sometimes Akiku dreams of a time he barely has memories of, places he has never visited, and battles he has never fought.

Core of Nature
Prompt: free space (bodyswap)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2726
Content Warnings: teenagers, cousincest
Summary: the one where Genji and Akiku switch bodies -- and that totally never happened in canon.
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Since I'm giving up on the card I requested back in November...

Title: Pulse
Prompt: "sleepy times"
Rating: G
Content warnings: None
Description: A winterish poem (hope that's okay instead of fic).

Title: Excerpt from "Out of the Ruins" (WIP)
Prompt: "reading aloud"
Rating: G
Content warnings: None
Description: A scientist spends time educating the augmented jaguar cub she's created.
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The Silence
Prompt: resurrection
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1065
Content Warnings: injury
Summary: Yatano-kagami attends the rebirth of a sacred sword.

Title: Accord
Prompt: free space (caning)
Rating: R
Word Count: 2434
Content Warnings: corporal punishment in school environment, consent issues, sexual humiliation
Summary: Shirakage calls in Yoshimi and Shikio to be punished for an incident involving the Koufuukai disciplinary committee.
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You Are Mine
Prompt: first time (sexual encounter)
Rating: R
Content Warnings: teenage characters in sexual situation, a little violence, implied rape kink
Summary: After months of UST-filled rivalry, Jiru and Kaji finally make a move towards a sexual relationship. (f/f)
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Until next time, Inspector Gadget 8|

title: What We Bring
prompt: Family
rating: PG
series: Fosterverse
warnings: Vague allusions to child abuse.

title: A Simple Loss
prompt: AU: alternate history/continuity
rating: PG-13
series: Fosterverse
warnings: Death, allusions to child abuse

title: Dump Truck Dialogue
prompt: Abandonment
rating: G
series: None
warnings: None

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Title: Wasp Nest
Prompt: scars
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Summary: no warnings. Yoshimi arrives at Third Higher to begin her new job.

Title: Our Dance
Prompt: long-lost love/friend
Rating: PG
Content Notes/Summary: no warnings. An unexpected meeting.
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title: Apprehension
prompt: backstory/missing scene
rating: G
content notes: None.

title: Light Reflecting
prompt: swimming
rating: PG
content notes: none


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